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Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SITSO) is a semi-public professional business organization functioning as a non-governmental organization whose functions and jurisdiction are prescribed by law. Besides the services that are prescribed by law, the Chamber provides a wide range of services and opportunities for the benefit of its members and social stakeholders in terms of the business, economy and trade concepts.  Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded in 1908 has a 110-year deep history and still functions as a leading organization supoorting its members and social stakeholders.  


A Brief information about Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SITSO):


* Date of foundation: 1908  

* Our First Office: Top floor of the building belonging to Sipahizade Osman Efendi in the area of Alaattin Mosque. 1908

* Date of moving to No. 12, first floor of a building bought by the Chamber from Greek Agabios on Hükümet Street: 1910. 

* The chamber functioned in this building until 7.1.1951. 

* The Chamber functioned on top floor of the building No. 32 belonging to journalist Hasan Kayhan across old Community Centre between 7.1.1951 and 20.9.1959.

* The Chamber continued to function at No. 12 on Hükümet Street from 20.9.1959 until 20.3.1965.  

* The Chamber has been based at No. 12 across the Mall of Atty Rahmi Doğanlar since 20.3.1965 up to today


Silifke is a town in the south of Mersin Province in Turkey. The economy of the town depends on agriculture, industry, tourism and raising livestock. Silifke might be defined as agriculture and export city thanks to the annual fresh vegetables and fruit exportation rate of 25 million dollars. Silifke is a developing market for exportation needs of different countries so that variable kinds of vegetables and fruits could be produced in every season of the year. Also, Silifke is an industrial city with annual marble exports of $ 30 million, with a high production capacity in terms of the quality and awareness of Silifke beige marble. In addition to the tourism infrastructure and capabilities, the town of Silifke offers unique natural beauties and historical texture of the Mediterranean Sea.


Silifke, having a magnificent period in its thousands of years of history, thanks to the many civilizations in its historical background and has been a commercial center for many years. The town is trying to preserve this commercial property with the help of occupational and non-governmental organization such as Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All kinds of agricultural products, which are the raw materials of the industry, have been the most important factor in the development of the economy.


Silifke which can be described as Mediterranean Pearl is a developing tourism city with its climatic conditions, geographic location serving  as a bridge between Antalya, Mersin and the Central Anatolia provinces, unique natural beauty and historical texture. 


Silifke is an agricultural production center with an annual export amount of 25 million dollars of fresh vegetables and fruits. 60% of Turkey's production of strawberries are met from Silifke. In the context of total agricultural exports, Silifke contributes 50 million dollars to the export rates.


Silifke is a center of unique tastes. Silifke Yoğurdu, which will be registered in geographical process in the near term, will make a great contribution in increasing Silifke's awareness.


Silifke is an industrial city especially thanks to the Silifke beige marble type, with high quality and high production capacity the town serves 30 million-dollar contribution to the annual marble exportation.